Band Bio's

Shelly Thiss—Hometown—Richmond, VA

Shelly Thiss is a Richmond raised girl born in the wrong decade. Her sultry, smokey stylings finally found their way into the midst of this stellar band of gentlemen in the summer of 2008. 

She's been present around the open mic and karaoke scene of Richmond since returning from James Madison University in 2007, but this is her first opportunity at playing out in her home town with an organized band. 

She previously was a part of JMU's BluesTones, an all female a cappella group, as well as fronted Shelly and the Innocent Bystanders, an amateur swing band that was featured on VCU Film department's All That Swazz (aired on PBS in 2007). 

She'd like to thank the boys for this incredible opportunity, and all her family, friends, and random strangers who let her burst into song whenever the moment struck without throwing something at her.

Mike Lucci—Hometown—Aliquippa, PA—(Center Township)

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Mike Lucci grew up in the late sixties listening to the songs of Led Zepplin, George Thorogood, the Stones, and Jimi Hendrix. Unbeknownst to Mike at the time these songs had actually been written by great blues songwriters such as Willie Dixon, McKinley Morganfield, John Lee Hooker, J.B. Lenior, and Etta James. 

It wasn’t until the mid nineties, when Mike started bass lessons, that he re-discovered his roots within the blues. Mike’s greatest influences for bass playing are mostly out of Chicago; Willie Kent, Bob Stroger, Johnny B. Gayden, Nick Holt, Jassen Wilbur and Willie Dixon are a few of his favorites. 

Initially, Mike played bass in a local Hanover County Virginia band named Quesabluz. From there he co-formed Sugar Daddy and the Two Dollar Blues Band with Ron Winston. Mike also has many memorable times sitting in with Johnny and the Lowdowns. You can hear his playing with Sugar Daddy and the Two Dollar Blues Band on the two releases made by the River City Blues Society for support of the “Blues in the Schools” Program. Back in 2008, 

Mike has had the privilege to record for the Forrest McDonald Band. Mike can be heard on two cuts of the Forrest McDonald Band CD titled “There’s Nothing Wrong with Dreaming”. But, Mike is most honored to be playing with his current band-mates; all of whom have great musical talent and contribute solid rhythms, great classic blues leads, and outstanding blues vocals and harmony.  

Mike would like to thank his family for tolerating the many years of band practices, Chuck Harrell for his patience as a teacher and Kenny Hughes for giving him his first band opportunity.   

Mike plays his four and a five string fretless Lakland basses with flatwound strings through a Vanderkley “Spartan” Amp and two Vanderkley 115MN6 Neolite cabinets.  Mike’s bass collection also includes a Yamaha RBX765 5-string Electric bass and his Ibanez TR-50 starter bass autographed by Willie Kent.

Rick Manson—Hometown— Charlottesville, VA

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Rick Manson has been playing Harmonica and performing professionally for eighteen years..He was a student and protégé’ of New York blues legend Nat Riddles. Rick has also studied and played with Phil Wiggins, Joe Filisko, Dennis Gruening, and Carlos del Junco. 

He has presented workshops at the Virginia Harmonica Fest, and at many area schools and universities. With Sheryl Warner and the Southside Homewreckers, he has played in the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, and with the Richmond Symphony Orchestra. 

Rick is a veteran of several local bands including The Detonators, The Smokin’ Section, The Brian Doherty Trio and Sheryl Warner and the Southside Homewreckers. He has recorded with several local artists and was recently featured on Scott Perry’s CD Hero Worship. 

Rick has played with Johnny and the Lowdowns since the spring of 2006 through 2009. His stage experience and blues background have enabled him to easily integrate his musical style into tThe Mike Lucci band.


Jeff Lindquist - Hometown - Richmond, VA

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Jeff “Rev. J.” Lindquist


Always drawn to music, Jeff asked Santa in 1971 for either “drums or a guitar; I don’t care which,” and the rest is history. With almost every style of music under his performance belt – from country to new wave to funk – it was time to try something new – the blues. 

In addition to touring with bands in South and North Carolina and doing session work for national and international recording artists, Jeff, an ordained minister, has spent the last 20 years serving as a music pastor in Virginia and Georgia. He has also written several produced musicals, toured as an actor, served as a musical director/lighting and sound designer in professional theatre and worked as a casting director for television.

Diagnosed 25 years ago with G.A.S. – Gear Acquisition Syndrome – Jeff plays Fenders and Gibsons and Epiphones and Partscasters through a rotating collection of amps. He also builds most of his own pedals (147pedals; find it on, and has made pedals for artists all over the USA. 

Jeff is happy to be back home in RVA and is forever grateful to his wife and kids (all musicians) for their love and support.


James Brown - Hometown - Norfolk, VA

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James Brown is a native of Norfolk Va. He started his musical journey at the tender age of 9 years old as the lead singer with an intercity boy band that was popular around the city in the 70’s. During his high school years, he sang in local club bands that performed mostly on the southern circuit between the Carolinas and Northern Va.

After passing his vocal audition with the US Airforce Band in 1980, he spent 22 of a 24-year military career as a vocalist, auxiliary percussionist, live sound and recording engineer. In his experiences as a vocalist, he has performed music from every genre and shared the stage with some of music’s legendary Icons.

His time on active duty serving in the capacity of a musical ambassador afforded him the opportunity to travel all over the continental U.S. and 43 foreign countries sharing his love of the universal language.

New to the greater Richmond area Blues scene, James is the 2nd newest member and drummer for The Mike Lucci Band. 

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